Bonanza & Forster Reloading Dies

Q. I see where it’s referred to as “the old Bonanza dies”. I have a Bonanza FL set for 7mm-08 that is only a couple of years old. Just what is the difference between Forster dies and Bonanza dies?
A. In 1983 we purchased all tooling, machines, inventory, blueprints, patents, trademarks and rights to manufacture the Bonanza tool line. I presume that any die produced before that time (1983) would be an “old Bonanza Die”. There is a letter code which tells us what year the dies were manufactured. We have affected multiple improvements to the manufacturing processes and to the design of the dies over the years. Please email us if you would like to have more exact information about when your dies were manufactured. Our sizer dies are now all Bench Rest quality and our Seater dies are either standard Bench Rest or Ultra Micrometer style.

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