Case Preparation for Outside Neck Turning

Q. At what point during case preparation is it optimal to Outside Neck Turn?

A. New cases should be loaded and fireformed once in your rifle before an outside neck turner ever touches the case necks. After the cases have been fired, they should be sized in your sizer die then Outside Neck Turned. When cases are fired in your chamber the first time, gas pressure expands to fill the chamber completely. This structural conformation produces a case that is fireformed to your chamber. The natural elasticity of the brass allows enough “springback” to make extraction possible. The stretching that occurs in fireforming produces irregularities that must be dealt with. Forster’s Outside Neck Turner (part# OT1010) is a Trimmer mounted tool which is very good at truing up case necks to the axis of the centerline of the case. It is held on the centerline or “axis” of the entire case. The Outside Neck Turner also has a carbide cutter and is very accurate. The Hand Held Outside Turner (part # HOT100) has a carbide cutter and a micrometer adjustment. It should be used when the necks of the cases are not out of misalignment with the body of the case. It locates off of the inside diameter of the neck of your sized case. Any way you look at it…Outside Neck Turning yields some of the best M.O.A. accuracy improvement that is possible. It pays off at the firing line!

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