Case Trimmer Clearance Adjustments

Q. How do I adjust my Case Trimmer when there is not enough clearance to Outside Neck Turn, 3-in-1 Case Mouth Cut or Hollow Point longer cases and cartridges?

A. There are a couple of remedies.

There is 1/2″ of adjustment (in 1/4″ increments) built into the Original and the Classic Trimmer, allowing the trimmer’s capacity to be widened before it becomes necessary to use a longer base. To adjust, use the outer set of holes on the Collet Housing and Bearing to mount them to the gold Case Trimmer Base.

We also stock a Long Case Trimmer Base (6 1/2″) compared to our standard (5 3/8″) Base which comes with our Original Trimmer. It is part #CT1010-CTB103 for ordering.

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