Case Trimmers and Accessories

Q. I would like to know all of the components you recommend to have a “complete” set of Forster tools for case preparation. I reload for a few different rifles (220 Swift, 30-06, 300 Win Mag and 300 Wby Mag). Would I need your Classic or Original Case Trimmer? Any long/short bases? Which collets, pilots, Outside Neck Turners, etc…?

A. Please click on the button on our home page called “search”. Then click on “Search by cartridge for Forster Case Trimmer, Collets, Pilots & Trimmer Accessories and Jaws for the Co-Ax Press”. On this page you can enter each caliber of rifle you load for; the website will show a customized page showing the Forster Case Trimmer and accessories that you will need along with their part ordering numbers. You can also click onto the “Overview of the Forster Case Trimming System” to choose which tools you need.

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