Cross Bolt Die Lock Rings with RCBS & Lee dies

Q. I form wildcat cases for my custom XP-100; it is a 7 Laser, which is basically a longer 7 BR (1.605” OAL) with a 40 degree shoulder. I use Winchester 308 brass as the parent. My problem- After forming and trimming, I need to outside neck turn as the necks are too thick to work properly in the tight chamber. I turn to .012”. I noticed a small hump of brass inside the case at the neck/shoulder junction. This small hump causes my outside trimmer pilot to rub and interfere during this initial outside neck turning operation. I have some success removing this hump with a small round file but it is rough and time consuming. This hump (or “donut” as some call it) causes tough extraction of the case out of the sizing die when the expander contacts the hump. A Forster reamer could smooth up this sizing problem. If I had a reamer specially ground to .2815”, I could ream the sized case neck with my Case Trimmer and eliminate this hump before the outside turn operation. Do you offer this special size Neck Reamer and what is the cost?

A. Thank you for the complete and accurate analysis of your problem with the brass. A donut on the inside of the case neck can do terrible things to accuracy. We can make the special reamer that you desire. There is just a $10 special grinding fee in addition to the standard price of an Inside Neck reamer. Shipping and handling is additional. Please allow 3-4 weeks for production of special reamers.

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