Custom Pilots

Q. I recently purchased Case Trimmer Pilots. After looking at your site I purchased several pilots for pistol calibers. Most work well and slip into the case mouths. However, the #35 Pilot for 38 Special or 357 Mag and a #351 pilot for 9mm are too large to fit my cases. I have used your case trimmer for years without problems on rifle cases.

A. We currently make the hardened steel #35 pilot to a size of .353” to .354” and the #351 pilot to a size of .351” to .352”. These pilots will work well for much of the 38/357 brass and for 9mm brass on the market. If , however, your brass is thicker than normal our pilots may be too tight.

There are several ways to skin the cat here.

First, you could just use the expander of your pistol die to expand the cases before trimming.

Or if you prefer we can turn our standard sized pilots down to an undersized dimension to fit your cases with carbide (there is a $7 cost per pilot to custom fit them to your cases). We would need your pilots and a sampling of your cases.

Or perhaps (if they are very close to fitting) you could use polishing cloth and a high speed lathe to fit them to your cases. Another option is that you could use the expanding die on the pistol cases before trimming.

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