Difference between the Co-Ax® Case & Cartridge Inspector & others

Q. Please tell me the difference between the Forster Co-Ax® Case and Cartridge Inspector and the RCBS case master tool. Will your product do something extra or provide a higher level of accuracy than the RCBS product?

A. There are two main differences. First, our Co-Ax® Case Inspector tool checks in relation to the concentricity of the entire loaded cartridge. The case master checks the concentricity in relation to the case only. If you are seating to the lands of the rifling it could be argued that our Forster concept is superior. Second, the case master has an extra “arm” which allows you to check the case wall thickness up into the case body. Our Co-Ax® Case Inspector does not have this attachment. Please see the Co-Ax® Case and Cartridge Inspector page for a detailed description of the tool.

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