Full Length Sizing Dies and Expander Balls

Q. I just bought your Full Length Sizing Die and also ordered a different size expander ball. Using 260 Remington, the expander ball that comes with the die, sizes my Lapua brass to .292. I purchased the .295 expander ball to run a little less neck tension. How do I change out the expander ball and ensure that it is set properly? From what I can tell the expander balls are threaded. To remove it, do I need to unscrew the decapping pin holder (H-10) first?

A. Yes, take the H-10 locknut off first. It is threaded and will unscrew from the D-10 Spindle. The E-10 Expander ball threads off of the D-10 Spindle counter clockwise. When you reassemble it, please be sure to run it all the way back to the end of the threads.

Please refer to our Full Length Sizing Die Instructions for further information.

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