Model B-1, B-2 & B-3 Co-Ax® Presses

Q. I’ve been hand loading on your Co-Ax® Press for 6 years. I bought it from a retired fella, who used it for lord knows how many years and my problem is I can’t find a Bonanza shellholder anywhere. I tried a RCBS shellholder but it won’t work in the priming station of my old Co-Ax Press.

A. Your old Co-Ax® Press is a Model B-1 Press. That older model used removable shellholders at the primer seating station. Sorry, but there are no shellholders available to fit that old model. There is some good news though. We do make an upgrade kit (part # 028000) that will allow you to change the entire priming system to the Model B-2 style. The B-2 does not require separate shellholders for priming.

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