Newer Expander Balls

Q. I am a long range shooter and have used Forster Benchrest Dies for about 30 years. In your latest user instructions the Expander Ball (E-10) seems to have a slightly different shape compared with former expander balls. Does it make any difference to me (gain of precision), when I substitute the older expander balls in my dies for newer ones? Also, is it profitable to precision equip my present dies with your new Co-Ax washer (W-10)?

A. Both the newer expander ball (E-10) and the washer (W-10) would be good additions to your dies. The newer expander balls are made on a higher speed turning center with carbide cutting tools. This enables us to provide a better surface finish which in turn gives you an easier inside neck expansion. The washer allows the expander ball to better center itself.

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