Outside Neck Turners Comparisons (HOT100 & ONT)

Q. Besides the obvious physical differences in your two Outside Neck Turners, what are the differences in the results I will see on my brass cases?

A. The Case Trimmer mounted Outside Neck Turner (OT1010) will do a better job of trueing up case necks that are not in line with the axis of the entire cartridge case. The reason for this is that the case is supported in our trimmer (a miniature lathe). This trimmer mounted operation will do a better job of trueing necks to the case’s axis. The Hand Held Outside Neck Turner (HOT100) is quicker to set up than the trimmer mounted tool. It will do an excellent job of uniforming case necks that are already in excellent alignment with the cartridge case. The Hand Held Outside Neck Turner will also do a better job of turning right up to the intersection of the case neck and the point where the shoulder angle starts. Both models use carbide cutters which is critical to clean, consistent neck turning. Both use precision ground pilots (mandrels) that are a “slip” fit into sized cases. Specially ground pilots for the Outside Neck Turner and Hand Held Outside Neck Turner are also available.

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