Outside Neck Turning Pilot

Q. I resized my .308 brass with RCBS full length dies, trimmed to length and deburred. Next, when I try to use the .308 pilot for outside neck turning, it will not go in. Even when I lube it, it is too tight to use. Any suggestions?

A. Our goal is a slip fit of the sized case and Outside Neck Turning pilot. The Forster .308 Outside Neck Turning pilot should measure .3055″-.3060″ and the expander should measure .3070″.

There are two solutions; you may buy a special undersized ONT pilot (price of the pilot plus a grinding fee) or buy an oversized expander. Your brass may also be work hardened and may need to be annealed. Please view our Outside Neck Turner Accessory for Original Case Trimmer for further information.

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