Reloading Dies recommendations

Q. I have purchased a sub ½” M.O.A. 308 Win accurized rifle (based on a 700 BDL). I’ve decided to reload for the cost savings as well as the ability to tailor my loads. I’ve also decided to invest in your reloading equipment because of its reputation, specifically the accuracy and strength of your Co-Ax Press. I have an extensive background in reloading straight wall pistol ammunition, but have never reloaded rifle cartridges. What equipment do I need? Do I Full Length Resize or Neck Resize? Should I invest in the Standard Bench Rest Dies or the Ultra Micrometer? I don’t plan on competing; however, I’d like to make sure the ammo is up to the ability of the rifle.

A. Thanks for the inquiry. Sounds as if you have quite an enjoyable task in front of you – reloading for and shooting that accurized rifle out at the range! We recommend that you have all three basic reloading dies in your repertoire…namely the 308 neck sizing die (part # 006621), the 308 Full Length Sizer (part# 005591) and the Standard Bench Rest Seating Die (part#006251). The neck sizing die will be your die of choice for sizing. It will eliminate overworking of the brass. After a few firings you will find that it is necessary to full length size to allow the reloads to chamber properly. Please see the “fine tuning” tips in our instructions. As far as the seating die choice goes, we usually recommend the Standard Bench Rest rather that the Ultra Micrometer if you are only loading for one rifle and one type of bullet. The Ultra Seater is very nice when adjusting the Seater to put the bullets out close to engagement of the rifling. It is also handy for repeatability when you use various bullets for different loads. A good case trimmer will also be necessary, try our Original Trimmer Kit (part# CTK100). Keep in mind that Outside Neck Turning provides one of the best accuracy returns on your reloading time. We have two types of Neck Turner systems available, the Outside Neck Turner (part# OT1010) and the Hand Held Outside Neck Turner (part# HOT100). See the Forster catalog or website for the relative merits of these Neck Turner systems.

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