Screwdriver Replacements

Q. I have a set of your gunsmithing screwdrivers. One tip has become twisted on a stubborn screw. Please advise on how I can obtain a replacement.

A. Thank you for contacting us, our screwdriver steel is tough and hardened, but some of the screwdrivers are designed to fit very narrow slots. Consider this example; a 1/8” wide bit which is only .023” thick has a working strength of about 15-inch pounds of torque and a breaking point of about 17-inch pounds. The maximum working strength our smallest screwdrivers can be reached with the thumb and first two fingers. One must always keep the working strength of both the screw and screwdriver in mind. For tightening screws with fine width slots, use only the thumb and first two fingers. Use normal full hand pressure on larger screws. Full hand pressure is usually needed for scope mounting and action screws. Loosening screws can be a bigger headache. Special problems occur when the combination of moisture and time adds rusty corrosion which fuses the screw to the firearm. Two or three applications of fine penetrating oil will help in removal of rusted screws. Screw locking compounds (i.e. Loc-tite) also create a formidable task of removal. Several setting blows to “Loc-tited” screws will sometimes break them loose. In the worst situations, the screw can be drilled out by holding the gun in Forster’s Universal Sight Fixture. Remember to choose the screwdriver which fits the slot both in width and thickness. Your screwdriver set instructions do list recommended uses and all blade dimensions. If you used only hand pressure and feel that the screwdriver should be replaced, please send the driver and a short note to our Customer Service Department at Forster Products Inc. 310 E Lanark Ave, Lanark, IL 61046.

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