Seating Compressed Loads

Q. I’m interested in the Forster Ultra Micrometer Seater Die, but before buying it I want to know if it can seat bullets over compressed loads without damaging the die.

A. We cannot tell you with certainty that seating a compressed load in the Forster seater die will not damage the J-30 seating stem.

The die will work fine for slightly compressed loads, but as one puts more powder in the case, there will be a threshold of pressure at which a flare or split of the wall of the seating stem will probably occur. It should be noted that the J-30 seating stems must have relatively thin walls as the newer, longer bullets have necessitated a long tapered inside diameter to prevent the bullets from seating “off the tip”.

The J-30 stems are readily available if you would like to purchase a couple of “spares”. It is also quite easy to know if damage has occurred to the die as the J-30 stem should always move freely through the inside diameter of the P-30 die chamber.

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