Shellholder Adapter Plate with the Co-Ax® Press

Q. I use a Co-Ax® Press and recently acquired a .577 caliber Snider-Enfield and most of the equipment to permit loading. I have found, however, that the rimmed case at approximately a .746” diameter head doesn’t fit in the optional “LS” Jaws. Will the Co-Ax® Press accommodate this case and if so, what is needed to do so?

A. Our Shellholder Adapter Plate (part # AP1000) enables the Co-Ax® Press user to remove the standard, spring-loaded, universal jaws and replace them with any slide in shellholder. This enables Co-Ax® Press users to reload with standard shellholders. This adapter is sometimes needed for non-standard cartridges like the 56-50, 50-70, etc…..which do not fit the “S” or “LS” jaws of the press.

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