Stuck Case Removal Service

Q. I have a 7mm Rem Mag Bench Rest Neck Sizer Die that I’ve always liked because it seems to be true. I was sizing some cases for a friend and even though I lubed the necks, the case came apart at the expansion ring leaving the base in the shellholder and the case stuck in the die. I was thinking that since it should only be making contact at the neck, it should pull out easily. It won’t and I boogered the case trying to get hold of it. Is it possible to send this die back to Forster Products and have the case removed?

A. Yes, we do have a “stuck case removal” service. It is probably best that way anyway, since we will have the chance to check out the entire die for any other damage. The service costs $9.00 plus shipping charges. We will notify you if you will need additional replacement parts. Please include a note with your return address, phone number and credit card information when you return the die.

Posted in: Reloading Dies FAQs