Use of Forster’s Co-Ax® Press with RCBS seating dies

Q. I have just purchased your Co-Ax® Press and my question is this: Can I use my RCBS competition seating die which has an extended shell holder? Is there an adapter for a regular shellholder? I am very impressed with your press. I have checked concentricity and have gained 3 to 4 thousands, checked with your Co-Ax Press and Case and Cartridge Inspector. I am looking forward to using the Co-Ax® Press with my RCBS competition die set.

A. Yes, you can use it with standard shellholders. You need to purchase our Shellholder Adapter Plate (part # AP1000). This accessory allows you to remove the automatic, self-acting jaws and allow you to use any standard shellholder in the Co-Ax® Press.

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