Use of Forster’s Co-Ax® Press with Redding reloading dies

Q. I am getting into the finer aspects of reloading and find that your Co-Ax® Press meets my needs perfectly. Unfortunately, I had purchased a couple of Redding Competition seater dies before I knew that you made Benchrest Seating Dies. I have heard that some of Redding’s Seaters are too tall to be used in the Co-Ax® Press.

A. Sounds as though your Press is the Model B-2 Co-Ax® Press. Some of the very longest of Redding’s seater dies, when adjusted out to a deep seating depth, do not fit under the Model B-2 handle casting. They are only the very longest dies though. We set up a 300 Win Mag Redding seater die with no problem fitting in the Model B-2 Co-Ax® Press. In 2010, we improved the Model B-2 Co-Ax® Press and now offer the Model B-3 Co-Ax® press, which has a new taller handle casting. If you send your press to 310 E Lanark Ave Lanark, IL 61046, we have a service available which will upgrade your Model B-2 to the Model B-3. The cost of the upgrade service is $79 plus actual shipping costs to return the press to you. The cost includes labor, new fork handle casting and all related parts needed to changeover. When you send in your Press, please include your contact information so that we may call you to get your credit card information for payment.

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