Deburring Tool

Deburring Tool, Inside-Outside
Chamfers case mouths.

Deburring Tool, Inside-OutsideEven new cases have dents, irregularities and burrs at the mouth of the case. These cases should be sized, expanded and chamfered with a deburring tool. The Forster Inside-Outside Deburring Tool is a double-ended, multi-function piece of equipment that can be used by hand, by lathe, or attached to the special DBT Base shown below. The Inside-Outside Deburring Tool handles all cartridge cases from .17 to .45 caliber. To prepare for accurate bullet seating, insert the pointed end to chamfer the inside of the case mouth. Fit the open end over the mouth to remove exterior burrs. Sharp corners that result from trimming a case can be removed quickly and accurately with this tool by using its precision-ground and hardened cutting edges.

DBT Base
Makes deburring faster and easier on your hands.

dbt_baseThis special base for our Inside-Outside Deburring Tool offers speed and saves wear and tear on your hands. When it's installed on your loading bench, the Forster DBT provides instant access and ease-of-operation for chamfering large quantities of cases. The Inside-Outside Deburring Tool can be inserted in the base with either business end ready to perform its critical function. By using the Forster Power Adapter, the DBT Base can also be used with a power drill or screwdriver to make operation even easier and faster.


Power Adapter for Case Trimmers
Turns Forster hand trimmer into a power trimmer.PA1000_CaseTrimmer_Power_Adapter

Fits Original, Classic, or .50 BMG. Here is an easy, affordable way to turn your Forster hand trimmer into a power trimmer. It's a great way to make better use of your limited reloading time because in “power mode” you'll be able to trim more than 200 cases per hour.


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