Forster Bench Rest® Rifle Reloading Dies

Five types of world-class reloading dies for shooters with this mission: to increase precision.

Pinpoint accuracy and uncompromising performance begin with quality reloading equipment from Forster Products. That’s why it is the first choice of some of the world’s most particular reloaders: U.S. Marines, Navy Seals, Army Rangers, U.S. Secret Service members, and High Power and Benchrest competitors. At Forster Products, you get precision choices for every reloading preference…and get closer to accomplishing your own personal mission.

  • Choose from three Sizing Die styles and two Seater Die styles
  • A superior locking ring with an easy-to-use cross bolt that clamps the ring around the entire die, resulting in a more precise mating of the lock ring threads to the die threads, with no misalignment and no thread damage
  • All individual components available separately from Forster Products, unlike other dies, which require replacement of the complete unit
  • Compatible with any standard 7/8″-14 thread reloading press, as well as our Co-Ax® Press
  • Sizing Dies (386)


    • Manufactured from the finest quality steel
    • Carefully machined on super precision™ chucking lathes to very tight tolerances
    • Manufactured with one-piece reamers to help guarantee concentricity between all machined diameters
    • Heat treated and oil quenched in atmospherically controlled furnaces to an extremely tough Rockwell hardness
    • Hand polished in a high-speed lathe both before and after heat treating guarantee an extra-fine finish
    • Equipped with our exclusive “E-Z” Out™ Expander Ball, which helps solve the problem of keeping case necks concentric during the neck expanding operation
    • Full Length Sizing DiesFull Length Sizing Dies
      These popular dies size the neck, shoulder and body of the case, which allows the case to be re-chambered in a SAAMI minimum size rifle chamber.
    • Bushing Bump Neck Sizing DiesBushing Bump Neck Sizing Dies
      These dies are extremely accurate and remarkably easy to use because they size the neck and shoulder of the case in just one step. Bushing Bump Dies also prevent over working the case necks, and allow control of the amount of neck tension for your bullet seating operation.*Recommended for intermediate to advanced users.
    • Neck Sizing DiesNeck Sizing Dies
      These dies size only the neck of the case to a fixed dimension but do not size the shoulder or body. These traditional neck sizers are the perfect choice for reloaders to opt to retain the fire-formed dimensions of their cases and minimize excessive headspace.
    • Sizing Die Accessories & Replacement PartsSizing Die Accessories & Replacement Parts
  • Seater Dies (147)

    The secret to perfect alignment is holding the bullet, case and seating stem in the same close fitting chamber for the entire seating operation. Years ago, Forster/Bonanza obtained U.S. Patent #3,440,923 for the design of the original Bench Rest® Seater Die. That patent covered the use of a specially machined, close fitting chamber that holds the case, the bullet and the seating stem all in perfect alignment. This innovative chamber design is still the hallmark of our Bench Rest Seater Dies, because it's the premier system of all the so-called "in-line" seater systems that supports the entire outside diameter of the sized case rather than just the bullet and case neck. We have continued to refine our seating stems to better fit newly designed ballistic tips and to match most very low drag (VLD) bullets. Our close fitting chamber (part #P-30) made with one-piece reamers ensures concentricity and accuracy.
  • Bench Rest Die Sets (79)

    One Full Length Sizing Die and one Bench Rest Seater Die For every rifle caliber you own, we recommend that you have a Full Length Sizing Die and a Bench Rest Seater Die. The Bench Rest Die Set includes one Full Length Sizing Die and one Bench Rest Seater Die, all packaged in our Deluxe Die Box.
    Full Length Sizing Die
    These popular dies size the neck, shoulder and body of the case, which allows the case to be re-chambered in a SAAMI minimum size rifle chamber.
    Bench Rest Seater Die
    First die of its kind on the market and is still the best straight line Seater Die available.
    Deluxe Die Box
    These tough, oversized cases will accommodate virtually any combination of two or three Forster dies.
  • Reloading Die Sets, Parts and Accessories (3)