Forster ProStaff

forster_prostaff_logo_smA special advisory panel of accomplished shooters, reloaders and gunsmiths whose input will help us improve upon and develop the products that YOU need for the sport you love. The members of our new Forster ProStaff come from all parts of the country. Their shooting specialties and backgrounds differ, as do their firearms and reloading preferences. However, there is one common denominator that unifies them: They are all exceedingly good at what they do. And, like most high achievers, they’re all very serious about improving the tools they use so they can continue to advance their own skill levels.

That’s why we asked for their help. We know that our varied product line has applications for several precision shooting sports, from different types of hunting to a broad spectrum of competitive shooting venues. And the equipment requirements of each of those shooting disciplines – including reloading equipment – is very specialized. So, we determined that the very best way to stay abreast of current trends, techniques and methodology within each of those vastly different yet closely related shooting niches would be to ask for advice from the successful practitioners who have been there, done that, and continue doing it with panache. And that’s how the Forster ProStaff was born. We gathered together a group of accomplished shooters who have distinguished themselves in various disciplines. We listen to their comments and suggestions about how we might make changes or improvements in our products that will fulfill the wishes of some of their shooting compatriots.

Look for these ProStaff members at matches or tradeshows you might attend. Or talk to them in their shops. They’ll welcome your input and they’ll pass it along to us, flavored with their own comments and recommendations. We’ll use that information to continue providing you with the best reloading tools and equipment to help you be the best you can be at what you do.

  • David & Cathy Logosz (Dickinson, North Dakota)

    Shooting related activities:
    Varmint hunting; North American big game hunting; currently competes or has competed in handgun silhouette and black powder cartridge rifle competition; former military sniper; gunsmith; actively reloads over two hundred different calibers and develops custom loads for customers.

    David Logosz grew up and has lived most of his life in the Badlands of western North Dakota and he came home from Vietnam as a decorated sniper.

    So, it’s little wonder that shooting and hunting have become a lifestyle for him, rather than just a hobby. Some have said that Dave Logosz has exterminated more prairie dogs and harvested more trophy class whitetail deer than most people have ever seen. We don’t know for sure if that’s true, but we do know that Dave has distinguished himself as a superior hunter, not to mention an accomplished competitive shooter.

    Dave operates Dave’s Gun Shop in Dickinson, where he builds super accurate silhouette and hunting guns and develops special loads for his customers, often using Forster products for both the load development and the gunsmithing.

    This past year, Dave and his wife, Cathy… who is also his shooting partner… have conducted several reloading seminars in his part of the world and more are planned. They also found time to compete somewhere or another almost every weekend. Their high spot was the Silhouette Nationals in Raton, New Mexico. They both shot well and brought home a number of trophies, but Cathy was the big winner, winning High Lady.

    I have always found Forster products to be of the highest quality, and that includes gunsmithing equipment as well as reloading tools. In addition to 47 sets of Forster dies, a case trimmer, power case trimmer, powder measure and bullet puller for reloading, I regularly use a Forster Universal Sight Mounting Fixture and Forster headspace gages in my gunsmithing business. You simply cannot buy better equipment than Forster.

    David Logosz
    Member, Forster ProStaff

  • Kelly Bachand

    Kelly Bachand has an impressive resume, period. But it is especially remarkable considering he is just a twenty-something. He:

    • is a member of the US National Rifle Team
    • was a reality TV show star and fan favorite on History Channel’s show Top Shot
    • won numerous high-level shooting competitions
    • kicked off an entrepreneurial internet venture
    • is an engineer at Aerojet Rocketdyne (see

    Now he is adding Forster Products’ ProStaff to his long list of interests and accomplishments. A Washington state native, Kelly begged for a BB gun for Christmas when he was five years old. He got it from his grandpa, and has vivid memories of it not being accurate enough to suit him. A replacement soon followed, and his passion for shooting sports and marksmanship was born.

    Kelly is an accomplished wind reader, helping him to accurately shoot at targets at great distances, from 1000 yards up to even one mile away. He used this skill as a coach for the U.S. Under-25 Rifle Team as well as on Top Shot, where he competed against several other contestants for the namesake prize. He was the youngest competitor on the first season of the show, was an expert on the fourth season, and then came back for the All Stars Season. He was challenged to shoot upside down, shoot unusual weapons (like a cannon!), and he gained significant pistol skills that broadened his shooting arsenal.

    Joining the ProStaff Team is an exciting venture for Kelly. His first experience with Forster products came when he used National Match Dies and was thrilled with their performance. He is also an enthusiastic advocate of the Co-Ax® Press. What’s his first tidbit of advice as a ProStaff expert? Kelly suggests that handloaders carefully define their goals to help them minimize time in the reloading room and maximize time on the shooting range or in the field.

    Kelly’s Gun Shop

  • Glen Zediker (Water Valley, Mississippi)

    Shooting related activities:
    NRA High Power competition; author and publisher; recreational shooting; regularly reloads eight different rifle calibers.

    Glen Zediker has distinguished himself as an NRA High Power Rifle competitor. Glen has been a fixture at the Camp Perry National Matches and a consistent winner for many years. He has earned the coveted classification of “High Master.”

    Glen is acknowledged throughout the firearms industry as an AR15 specialist, but he also competes with bolt action rifles.

    As an author, Glen has published several authoritative books on the AR15 rifle and handloading for competition. He is also published regularly in GUNS Magazine and he is a regular contributor to such widely read publications as American Rifleman, Guns & Ammo, Rifle Shooter, and Shooting Sports USA.

    He also owns Zediker Publishing and

    I have used Forster Products for more than twenty years. My tests have proven to me that I produce the best ammunition using Forster Products. Forster Products all have innovative and unique designs, but no gimmicks! The engineering, quality and attention to detail sets them apart. I recommend Forster Products in my books and articles, and I take that pretty seriously.

    Glen Zediker
    Member, Forster ProStaff

  • Rich Machholz (Marshall, Missouri)

    Shooting related activities:
    Professional ballistician, long-range and short-range benchrest competition, varmint hunting, big game hunting, reloading for 21 rifle calibers, five handgun calibers and all major shotgun gauges.

    Rich Machholz currently resides in Marshall, Missouri. His extensive experience as a reloader is more than recreational. Professionally, Rich is a member of the Sierra Bullets staff, so his personal interest in reloading has been integral to the knowledge he has gained occupationally. Rich does not just reload the few calibers he uses most frequently; he reloads more than two dozen calibers and uses them all.

    As a shooter, Rich has a rich and varied background, including several types of hunting. But, his greatest passion is benchrest shooting with an emphasis on the medium and long distances; a venue where Rich has excelled. Rich’s first experience with Forster’s quality reloading products was with the Forster Products Case Trimmer, which he still uses with a variety of accessories including the Outside Neck Turner. He is also a vocal advocate of Forster’s Co-Ax® Press, Bench Rest® dies and the Co-Ax® Primer Seater which he uses for most of the rifle calibers he reloads.

    Take it from a professional who works with ammunition every day: Forster Products makes some of the best reloading equipment you’ll find anywhere. It’s designed for unerring accuracy and precision and it really does fulfill the promise. And as far as quality is concerned, it will last for years and years of hard use. Forster reloading equipment is about the best money can buy…and you can take that to the bank.

    Rich Machholz
    Member, Forster ProStaff

  • Reid Coffield (Columbia, Missouri)

    Shooting related activities:
    Gunsmithing, reloading, firearms journalist and author, high-power service rifle competition at Camp Perry National Matches for 14 consecutive years, skeet shooting, grouse hunting, cowboy action shooting, and recreational plinking.

    Reid Coffield currently resides in Columbia, Missouri, but was raised in a small town in the foothills of western North Carolina. He grew up surrounded by shooting, hunting and other outdoor activities. Encouraged by his family, he developed an early love for guns, gunsmithing and firearms literature. Before he was 10 years old, Reid received a copy of Charles Edward Chapel’s 1947 book, Gun Care and Repair. That book, which he still owns, helped to eventually guide him into a career in firearms.

    After attending public schools and then graduating from the University of N.C. at Chapel Hill, he joined the U.S. Air Force. He served in Vietnam and then spent two years in Germany where he gained considerable exposure to European guns and gunsmithing.

    A few years after leaving the Air Force, Reid took the plunge and enrolled in the Colorado School of Trades in Denver, Colorado for gunsmithing. After completing the program, he opened a small gunsmith shop in his hometown. A few years later, Brownell’s, the largest gunsmith supply house in the world, hired him. While at Brownell’s he served as the senior gunsmith of the Brownell Tech Staff. He was also responsible for the design and development of many gunsmithing tools and fixtures. After more than twenty years with Brownell’s he moved on to MidwayUSA where he worked for more than five years helping with gunsmithing for television and film projects.

    Reid currently works for the NRA as a contributing editor for the Dope Bag staff of the American Rifleman magazine. He has held that position for almost 15 years. He is also the gunsmithing editor for Shooting Times and Shotgun News with regular columns and features appearing under his byline. He has been with these publications for more than 10 years. Reid has had a number of articles published in other magazines ranging from The Home Shop Machinist to Guns and Ammo Handguns and Petersen’s RifleShooter as well as The American Gunsmith. In addition, he has served as the editor of a number of books related to gunsmithing.

    I’ve been using Forster Products’ gunsmithing tools since I first entered the gunsmithing business. In fact, I still have my original Forster Universal Sight Mounting Fixture, which I continue to use on a regular basis. It’s typical of Forster’s other fine products: precise, high quality, and built to last a lifetime.

    Reid Coffield
    Member, Forster ProStaff

  • Stuart Elliott (Queensland, Australia)

    Stuart Elliott has 3 World Benchrest Gold medals to his name and several Silver and Bronze medals.

    In 2009 as part of the 4 person Australian team he won the overall Teams Championship Gold Medal.

    Both Stuart and his wife Annie have qualified for the Australian Benchrest Hall of Fame in two different championship styles of rifle shooting. In Hunterclass HOF they rank #4 and #5. In Group Shooting HOF they are #12 and #22. At the time of this writing only 5 people have achieved that level by winning at least 15 National championships each.

    Stuart and Annie shoot every possible form of Benchrest from the original, traditional group shooting events to Hunterclass score shooting, to Long Range with 500m and 1,000 yard BR plus Rimfire and F Class.

    I really do like the Co-Ax® Press the best and when we conduct our training classes I have always described this press as the “Rolls Royce” of single stage reloading presses. It has so many advantages and there is no comparison.

    Stuart Elliott
    Member, Forster ProStaff