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Bench Rest® Neck Sizing DiesDownload product-specific catalog information (accompanying PDF format)

Standard Neck Sizing Dies size only the neck of the case to a fixed dimension. They do not size the shoulder or body. The Neck Sizing Die reduces the outside case neck diameter, removes the spent primer and expands the inside case neck diameter.

These traditional neck sizers are the perfect choice for reloaders who opt to retain the fire-formed dimensions of their cases and minimize excessive headspace.

  • Used with any rifle of a specific cartridge* (for example: any 220 Swift die works for any 220 Swift rifle)
  • Extends the life of the case by working only the neck
  • Machined with one-piece reamers to achieve phenomenal concentricity
  • Helps ensure a very snug fit in the rifle chamber

Neck Sizing Dies are available in several popular calibers.

* We recommend that Neck Sizing Dies be used only for bolt action or single shot rifles. Cartridges for autoloaders, lever action, and pump rifles should be full-length sized.

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