About Us

A Little History

Forster Products is a company with a long history of excellence, providing quality goods since the company’s modest beginnings in a basement in 1935. Back then, the Forster brothers were designing the famous Forster 99 model airplane engines. They launched a successful business and started making and selling their wares. By 1946 they expanded, starting a gun accessory line. The first products? Precision rifle chamber Headspace Gages, Universal Sight Mounting Fixtures, and brass cartridge Case Trimmers — all top sellers to this day.

With the addition of small precision parts in the 1950s, Forster’s subcontract products became part of many fluid-and fuel-control systems, used in applications as demanding as commercial Rolls Royce airplane engines and as diverse as the Hoover Dam and the MX missile.

Today Forster continues the tradition of quality and excellence, focusing on precision reloading and gunsmithing tools for discriminating shooters. For example, well-known marksmen like Carl Bernosky and John Whidden use Forster Reloading Dies and Co-Ax® Reloading Presses as they compete – and often win – at Camp Perry and other important long range shooting competitions.

A Little Praise

Satisfied customers mean the world to us here at Forster headquarters in Lanark, Illinois, a small town in the northwest corner of the state. Here’s a sample of what they are saying:

I have reloaded 175,002 cartridges, all without a single failure, all trimmed on a Forster Original Trimmer (which has outlasted all of the barrels on the rifles)…Forster is a cut above the rest when it comes to case trimmers.
-Jeff Hailpern

I am delighted with the new Bushing Bump die … and am particularly pleased with the performance and feel of the bushings, which are producing a very smooth, uniform, highly polished finish on the neck.
– Jack Searle

Thanks for making it easy for a beginner to understand what he needs to get started in the reloading game.
– Dan Kibler

Forster products are simply the best. I have yet to find a product that you guys manufacture that some other company makes better. I have been using your fabulous products for years now and have been nothing if not amazed by their excellent design and construction.
– Rob Froling

A Line of Great Products

From case trimmers to bullet pullers to headspace gages, we have over 2,000 product listings to keep you in the game. Designed with exacting specifications — some precise to within .0003” – you can rest assured Forster Products is focused on your success. Take a look at our catalog or shop online.