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Gunsmithing Screwdrivers and ScrewsDownload product-specific catalog information (accompanying PDF format)

The right tool and the right quality for the job.

Screwdriver AssortmentWhoever said “…a screwdriver is just a screwdriver” obviously wasn’t a gunsmith. Every gunsmith knows that using the right screwdriver for the job saves time, effort, and damage to valuable firearms and accessories. Forster offers a collection of specialty screws and screwdrivers designed specifically for the unique needs of the gunsmithing profession.


These quality manufactured, hollow ground screwdrivers are versatile enough to be adaptable to many other uses, as well. Twelve different specialty screwdrivers are available individually. Screwdriver ComparisonEight of the most commonly used screwdrivers from that collection have also been bundled together as a convenient set.

Choose screwdrivers designed specifically for the mounting of scope sights and other common gunsmithing requirements. Gunsmiths’ screwdrivers will be properly dimensioned to handle those unique tasks. Nothing is more frustrating than a bruised scope mount, a distorted screw, or the white metal showing through the finish of an expensive scope that has been subjected to a damaging mounting job. (Forster Products screwdrivers are not the double wedge type, swedged on a punch press, with which you may already have had bad experiences.)


Forster Products also offers a collection of specialty screws, in several popular sizes, engineered for the unique needs of the gunsmithing profession:

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