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Universal Sight Mounting FixtureDownload product-specific catalog information (accompanying PDF format)

Guarantees true spacing and alignment of scope mount, receiver sight, and shotgun bead holes.

The Forster Universal Sight Mounting Fixture was designed to meet the exacting requirements of gunsmiths who drill and tap holes for the mounting of scope mounts, receiver sights, and shotgun beads. It helps guarantee that both spacing and alignment are straight and true. The fixture will accommodate any single-barreled long gun – including bolt actions, lever actions, and pump actions – as long as the barrel can be laid into the “V” blocks of the fixture. Tubular magazine guns can be drilled in the same manner as other firearms by simply removing the magazine tube.

  • Precision machining from solid aluminum casting ensures all components are perfectly aligned
  • The two hardened steel “V” blocks are accurately ground on the “V” as well as the shaft and are independently adjustable for height.
  • The movable over-arm has built-in spacing increments of .500″ and .860″ between center, for locating pilot holes to standard spacing.
  • The over-arm is keyed and slides within a T-slot in either direction, to allow for drilling holes to custom spacing. It’s always in true alignment with the exact center of the gun barrel.
  • Stop block provides infinite spacing.
  • Drill “runout” is minimized as you guide it through the hardened and ground drill bushing. When you’re ready to tap the hole, another bushing of the correct size is substituted for the drill bushing to help guide the tap straight and true. This prevents tap breakage.
Reid Coffield demonstrates Forster Products Gunsmith Sight Mounting Fixture at YouTube.com

Unless otherwise ordered, drill and tap bushings are furnished for 6-48 thread. Drill and tap bushings can also be supplied in 8-40, 10-32, and 3-56 thread sizes.

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