Accessory Name Requirement Function Used on the Original Case Trimmer (CT1010) and the Power Case Trimmer (PT1010) Used on the Classic Case Trimmer (CLCT00)
Outside Neck Turner In terms of improved accuracy, no single reloading function provides a greater return on your time investment than turning eccentric case necks to a consistent wall thickness. If the brass is thicker on one side of the case than the other, the thin side releases the bullet first and causes a slight bullet-to-bore misalignment that can seriously impair accuracy. Note: We also offer a Hand held Outside Neck Turner (see page 16). The Outside Neck Turner removes excess brass from the outside neck wall. When used after case sizing, this process produces neck walls of uniform thickness and exact outside neck diameter. Used after case sizing. yes no
Neck Reamer At the point of ignition, brass must expand properly to release the bullet. Failure to do so can ruin rifles and may even cause injury. The Neck Reamer removes excess brass from the inside case neck wall, as well as the “dreaded donut” of material that can accumulate after repeated firings. Used before case sizing. yes yes
3-in-1 Case Mouth Cutter One step case trimming and deburring. The 3-in-1 Case Mouth Cutter simultaneously chamfers the case neck inside and outside diameters and trims the case to length. All in one fast, easy step. yes no
Primer Pocket Cleaner (Used with the Primer Pocket Center) Crimp must be removed after firing to ensure consistent ignition and reduction of misfires. The Primer Pocket Chamfering Tool chamfers military primer pockets, removing most, if not all, the crimp from military cases. yes yes
Hollow Pointer Precision shooters want to fine tune bullet weight, which may improve ballistics, particularly when adjusting for different barrel twist. Hunters want to substantially increase bullet expansion on impact while using either factory cartridges or reloads. The Hollow Pointer drills a cavity in the nose of cast or jacketed softnose bullets. yes yes