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Full Length Bench Rest® Sizing DiesDownload product-specific catalog information (accompanying PDF format)

Produces ammunition that has a “glove fit” to your chamber. Use after each firing or after several firings, when the resulting brass flow will require the case to be full-length sized.

  • Sizes the case neck, shoulder, and body
  • Deprimes and expands the case neck
  • Allows the case to be re-chambered in a SAAMI minimum size rifle chamber
  • Precisely positioned vent hole located in the threaded or recessed portion of the die body prevents excessive, trapped air and lubricants from damaging the die’s components or your cases

Full Length Sizing Dies are available in more than 70 calibers, either individually or as part of the Bench Rest Die Set with a Bench Rest Seater Die.

Tip - When using military brass with crimped primers, first to remove spent crimped primers with a decapping die (not available from Forster Products).

Co-Ax® Press: Setting a Sizing Die for Proper Headspacing at YouTube.com

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