Optional bases for the Original and Classic manual Case Trimmers.

  • Extruded aluminum, I-beam-style base resists lathe torques.
  • An adjustment of ½″ (in ¼″ increments) is built into the Original Case Trimmer, allowing its capacity to be widened before it becomes necessary to use a Long Base (6½″). To adjust, use the outer set of holes on the Collet Housing and Bearing to mount them to the Base.
Case Compatibility Chart

Case Compatibility

Case Trimmer Type Base Length MIN Case Length MAX Case Length
Original Case Trimmer
4⅝” base 0.00″ 2.375″
5⅜” base (std) 0.750″ 3.125″
6½” base 1.875″ 4.250″
Classic Case Trimmer
4⅝” base 0.125″ 2.250″
5⅜” base (std) 0.875″ 3.00″
6½” base 2.00″ 4.125″
Weight N/A

Standard (5⅜” long), Long (6½” long), 50 BMG (7″ long)


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