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Case Trimmer Bases

Case Trimmer Bases


Select a product according to your Case Trimmer model. CT1010-CTB102,CT1010-CTB101,CT1010-CTB103,50BMGCT-XXLBASE

  • Description

    Product Description

    Optional bases for the Original and Classic manual Case Trimmers.

    • Extruded aluminum, I-beam-style base resists lathe torques.
    • An adjustment of ½″ (in ¼″ increments) is built into the Original Case Trimmer, allowing its capacity to be widened before it becomes necessary to use a Long Base (6½″). To adjust, use the outer set of holes on the Collet Housing and Bearing to mount them to the Base.
  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Weight N/A

    Standard (5⅜” long), Long (6½” long), 50 BMG (7″ long)

  • Case Compatibility

    Case Compatibility

    Case Trimmer Type Base Length MIN Case Length MAX Case Length
    Original Case Trimmer
    4⅝" base 0.00" 2.375"
    5⅜" base (std) 0.750" 3.125"
    6½" base 1.875" 4.250"
    Classic Case Trimmer
    4⅝" base 0.125" 2.250"
    5⅜" base (std) 0.875" 3.00"
    6½" base 2.00" 4.125"
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