The Cutter Shaft does most of the hard work of a Forster Case Trimmer: a bit with a cutting blade trims the case neck; the high-alloy steel shaft holds all of the rotating specialized case conditioning accessories.

  • Four staggered-tooth cutting edges provide fast, smooth, chatterless cutting for perfectly square case mouths. Cuts are bright and uniform.
  • Bearing is hand-honed to fit the Cutter Shaft for a precision fit.
  • Also included are an O-ring and an 8-32 x ⅛″ set screw for locking Pilots and Case Trimmer tools.
Weight N/A
Case Trimmer (Cal.)

Original (trims .204” to .459” cal. case mouths), Original (trims 17 cal. case mouths only), Classic (trims .204” to .518” case mouths), BMG (trims 50 BMG cal. case mouths only), Power (trims .204” to .459” cal. case mouths), Power (trims 17 cal. case mouths only)