We designed this unique vise with gunsmiths, fly-tiers, hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers in mind. It’s the most versatile vise you can imagine. Just rotate the jaws, tilt it to the best working angle for you, and securely lock it in place. There’s no unclamping, turning, and re-clamping your work in a different position, because the jaws on the Swiv-O-Ling rotate a full 360° and tilt up to 28° from the vertical.

Standard features include:

  • Object can be swiveled to any position and locked in place.
  • Removable jaw tightening handle keeps handle from interfering with work.
  • Gold anodized cast aluminum base is drilled for mounting. Mounting screws are included in the kit.
  • Overall height is 5¼”.
  • Case hardened jaws are ¾” wide and ¾” deep.
  • Hardened screws allow jaws to open 1″.
Weight 1.70800 lbs



Forster Products Universal Drift Punch, Swiv-O-Ling Vise and Polishing Roll Demonstration at YouTube.com
High-resolution Image
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