The Forster Universal Sight Mounting Fixture was designed to meet the exacting requirements of gunsmiths who drill and tap holes for the mounting of scope mounts, receiver sights, and shotgun beads. The fixture will accommodate any single-barreled long gun – including bolt actions, lever actions, and pump actions – as long as the barrel can be laid into the “V” blocks of the fixture. Tubular magazine guns can be drilled in the same manner as other firearms by simply removing the magazine tube.

The body is quality manufactured from an aluminum casting, then precision machined. The two “V” blocks are made from hardened steel accurately ground on the “V,” as well as the shaft. The blocks are adjustable for height.

Universal Site Mounting Fixture includes 6-48 bushings. Additional Drill Jig Bushing Sets are also available.

Weight 7.95700 lbs