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Co-Ax® Primer Seater

It’s fast, it’s easy, and it seats primers perfectly – all with a level of quality you won’t find anywhere else. Set the jaws for a particular caliber, load the tube, and you’re ready to seat primers into multiple cases of that caliber.

  • Unique design allows the operator to eliminate all slop when working with a specific cartridge, translating into perfect seating, reliable ignition, and reduced misfires
  • Requires no additional shell holders; the jaws close to securely grip most modern rifle and pistol cases with a rim thickness of .045″ to .072″
  • Built-in primer flipper tray; tubes fill easily from tray
  • Large and small primer tubes have an open slot
  • Primers stack sideways for added measure of safety
  • Includes large and small primer tubes
Quickly Loading Primers with Primer Seater Tube Loader at YouTube.com

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