When used in conjunction with the Datum Dial (DD1010), the tool measures the relative distance of a bullet or cartridge to a point on the bullet’s ogive.

Dial Calibers
Bullet/Cartridge Dial #1 (DD1111)
224 Cal (5.56mm)
243 Cal (6mm)
264 Cal (6.5mm)
284 Cal (7mm)
308 Cal (7.62mm)
Bullet/Cartridge Dial #2 (DD2222)
172 Cal
204 Cal
257 Cal
277 Cal
338 Cal
Blank Dial (DD7777)

(Five pilot holes in aluminum disc)

May be used:

  • Before sizing operations to find the optimal headspace for your firearm
  • After sizing operations to check the setup and consistency of your reloading process

Case and bullet/cartridge dials are interchangeable and provide quick measurement of different calibers.

Weight 0.13000 lbs

Dial #1, Dial #2, Blank Dial