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Every gunsmith knows that using the right screwdriver for the job saves time and effort – and can prevent damage to valuable firearms and accessories. Forster offers a collection of specialty screwdrivers designed specifically for the unique screws frequently encountered by gunsmiths.

These U.S.-manufactured, hollow ground screwdrivers are versatile enough to be adaptable to many other uses, as well. All Forster screwdrivers are manufactured using the highest quality hardened steel.

This set of eight drivers includes screwdrivers #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 14, 15, & 16, bundled together as a convenient set in a handy, durable storage pouch that you may hang near your work area for easy access.

Screwdriver Blade Dimensions

16Redfield streamlined scope mount rings11/64″4″0.031″0.046″

No. Use Dimension A Dimension B Dimension C Dimension D
1 Rem., Win., etc., plug screws, S&W side plate screws 1/8″ 4″ 0.023″ 0.048″
2 Lyman, Leupold, Redfield scope screws, backstrap six gun 3/16″ 4″ 0.032″ 0.046″
3 B&L, Weaver, Buehler scope mount screws 3/16″ 4″ 0.037″ 0.046″
4 Williams 10-32 screws 1/4″ 4″ 0.041″ 0.062″
5 Rem., Win., Sako, Savage, etc., guard screws 5/16″ 4″ 0.040″ 0.062″
14 Guard screws, general purpose 5/16″ 4″ 0.034″ 0.062″
15 Guard screws, general purpose 5/16″ 4″ 0.037″ 0.062″
Weight 1.11000 lbs



Reid Coffield demonstrates Forster Products Gunsmith Screws at YouTube.com
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