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Primer Seating

Forster Products offers two methods for this important handloading step:

  • The Co-Ax® Reloading Press includes a Primer Seater Assembly. This accurate seating feature is built into the Press and seats to very consistent depths.
  • The standalone Co-Ax® Primer Seater allows for fast, easy priming. Set the jaws for a particular caliber, load the tube, and you’re ready to seat primers into multiple cases of that caliber.

Safety - Seat primers with a slow, steady pressure to avoid breaking the primer pellets or setting off the primer. Avoid any sudden or sharp blow when working with primers. Wear safety glasses and hearing protection when reloading, and always position yourself such that you will not be injured in case of an accidental explosion. To dissipate pressures, the primer tube is open. This opening should be turned away from you.

Both primer solutions are engineered with such precision that no excessive tolerance or “slop” is required in any of the mating parts.