While a case is in the Quick-change Lower Shell Holder Jaws, it’s supported by spring-loaded jaws that contact the base of the cannelure for more positive extraction.

The jaws are also self acting, so when a cartridge is placed in the die and the handle of the Co-Ax Press is activated, the jaws can open and close on the cartridge case. When the handle is raised, the jaws automatically open and release the case.

This complete assembly contains everything you would need to easily swap out a single side of the “S” or “LS” Shell Holder Jaws, for all compatible cases, in any of the configurations listed below:

  • S-Large – holds .468″ to .562″ rim
  • S-Small – holds .343″ to .422″ rim
  • LS-Large – holds .531″ to .625″ rim
  • LS-Small – holds .312″ to .375″ rim

With Quick-change Jaws, you simply remove the 10-24 x ⅝” Button Head Screws (028271-020) and replace the jaws to get ready for the next size of case and die. There’s no need to take apart the Shell Holder Jaws; swap or flip sides and spring-load the jaws; and reassemble.

  • Quick-change Jaws save you a ton of time – either when changing calibers that require turning the jaws 180° or when switching from “S” to “LS”
  • They avoid frustration – you no longer have to worry about accidentally losing a spring or misplacing your extra set of jaws
  • They “foolproof” the changeover – preventing anyone from inadvertently putting the wear plate on backwards or flipping over a jaw the wrong way
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An alternative for other calibers is the Shell Holder Adapter Plate for Co-Ax Press, though it does not allow a cartridge to “float” as with our “S” and “LS” Shell Holder Jaws.

Case Compatibility Chart

Case Compatibility:
Quick-change Jaw Reference for Popular*
Rifle Calibers

Caliber Quick-change Jaws
221 Remington S-Small
22 Savage S-Large or LS-Large
220 Swift S-Large
225 Winchester S-Large
240 Weatherby Magnum S-Large
243 Winchester S-Large
6mm PPC (US Version) S-Large
25-06 Remington S-Large
257 Weatherby Magnum S-Large
264 Winchester Magnum S-Large
6.5×54 Mannlicher-Schoenauer S-Large
6.5 Remington Magnum S-Large
6.5 Swedish-not listed S-Large
7×64 Brenneke S-Large
7mm x 08 Remington S-Large
7 x 57 Mauser S-Large
7mm Bench Rest Remington S-Large
7mm Remington Magnum S-Large
7mm Weatherby Magnum S-Large
284 Winchester S-Large
30-30 Winchester S-Large or LS-Large
30-40 Krag S-Large or LS-Large
307 Winchester S-Large or LS-Large
308 National Match S-Large
308 Norma Magnum S-Large
Caliber Quick-change Jaws
30-06 Springfield S-Large
300 Remington Ultra Magnum S-Large
8mm Remington Magnum S-Large
8 x 57 (8mm Mauser) S-Large
8 x 68 S S-Large
32 Winchester Self-Loading S-Small
32 Winchester Special S-Large
338 Winchester Magnum S-Large
35 Remington S-Large
356 Winchester S-Large or LS-Large
375 Weatherby Magnum S-Large
38-55 Winchester S-Large or LS-Large
416 Remington Magnum S-Large
375 Winchester S-Large or LS-Large
22 Remington Jet Magnum S-Large
38 Special S-Large
9mm Winchester S-Small
351 Winchester Self-Loading S-Small
45 Winchester Magnum S-Large
45 Automatic (.45 ACP) S-Large
256 Winchester Magnum S-Large
17 Remington S-Small
222 Remington S-Small
222 Remington Magnum S-Small
Caliber Quick-change Jaws
223 Remington S-Small
224 Weatherby Magnum S-Large
5.6 x 50 Magnum S-Small
221 Remington Fireball S-Small
30 Lugar S-Small
30 Carbine S-Small
32 Smith & Wesson S-Small
32 Smith & Wesson Long (32 Colt New Police) S-Small
32 Short Colt S-Small
32 Long Colt S-Small
32 Automatic (.32 ACP) S-Small
357 Magnum (357 S & W Magnum) S-Large
9mm Lugar (9mm Parabellum) S-Small
380 Automatic (380 ACP, 9mm Kurz, 9mm Corto, 9mm Short) S-Small
38 Automatic (.38 ACP) S-Small
38 Super Automatic S-Small
38 Smith & Wesson (38 Colt New Police) S-Large
38 Short Colt S-Large
38 Long Colt S-Large
219 Zipper S-Large or LS-Large
5.6 x 50 Rimmed Magnum S-Large
22-250 Remington (.22 Varminter) S-Large
6mm Remington S-Large
6.5 Carcano S-Large
270 Weatherby Magnum S-Large
Caliber Quick-change Jaws
280 Remington (7mm Express, 7mm-06 Remington) S-Large
7 x 57 Mauser (7mm Mauser) S-Large
7 x 61 Super Norma (7×61 Sharpe & Hart) S-Large or LS-Large
7.5 x 55 Schmidt-Rubin (7.5×55) S-Large or LS-Large
30 Remington S-Small
25-35 Winchester S-Large or LS-Large
250 Savage S-Large
257 Roberts S-Large
6.5 x 55 Mauser S-Large
30-06 Springfield S-Large
300 Savage S-Large
300 H & H Magnum S-Large
300 Winchester Magnum S-Large
303 Savage S-Large or LS-Large
303 British S-Large or LS-Large
308 Winchester S-Large
300 Weatherby Magnum S-Large
8 x 57 JS Mauser S-Large
8 x 57 Mauser (8mm Mauser) S-Large
32 Remington S-Small
32-40 Winchester S-Large or LS-Large
38 Long Colt S-Large
41 Remington Magnum S-Large
44 Remington Magnum S-Large
Caliber Quick-change Jaws
44 Smith & Wesson Special S-Large
45 Colt S-Large
10mm Automatic S-Large
340 Weatherby Magnum S-Large
350 Remington Magnum S-Large
358 Norma Magnum S-Large
375 H & H Magnum S-Large
444 Marlin S-Large or LS-Large
44-40 Winchester (.44 WCF) S-Large or LS-Large
458 Winchester Magnum S-Large
300 RUM S-Large
300Sh RUM S-Large
270 WSM S-Large
7mm WSM S-Large
7mm RUM S-Large
7mmSh RUM S-Large
300 WSM S-Large
375 RUM S-Large
38-40 Winchester (.38 WCF) S-Large
25 Automatic (.25 ACP) LS-Small
22 Hornet LS-Small
378 Weatherby Magnum LS-Large
45-70 Government/Sharps LS-Large
416 Rigby LS-Large
45-90 Winchester LS-Large
348 Winchester LS-Large
7.62 x 39mm S-Large
218 Bee S-Small
7.62×54 Rimmed (7.62 Russian) LS-Large
Caliber Quick-change Jaws

* This list is not comprehensive.


S-Large, S-Small, LS-Large, LS-Small