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Co-Ax® Reloading PressDownload product-specific catalog information (accompanying PDF format)

The simplest, most powerful and most accurate press on the market, bar none.

Order Fulfillment - The Co-Ax Reloading Press is currently in very high demand. Please be aware that we are manufacturing and shipping our tools as quickly as we can. Some products are back ordered, so delivery will take longer than usual. Place your order now to reserve yours. It will be worth the wait.

If you want famous Forster Products precision, the Co-Ax Press delivers. It keeps the process simple and includes several unique features, such as snap-in, snap-out die changing that takes all of two seconds! A self-contained spent-primer catcher system helps keep all working parts free of dirt and abrasives, and dual floating guide rods help ensure perfect alignment.

The Co-Ax Reloading Press is designed for two main purposes:

  1. Rifle and pistol case resizing and bullet seating.
  2. Rifle and pistol primer seating.
  • Perfect alignment of the die and the case
  • Requires very little force to use
  • Mounts virtually anywhere
  • Accepts any standard ⅞”-14 reloading die
  • Quick slide-in-slide-out die changing
  • Long life
  • Unique top priming device seats primers to factory specifications
  • Heavy-duty and durable baked on powder coat finish
  • Easy housekeeping with self-contained spent primer catcher system
  • Plenty of working room for either right-handed or left-handed operators
  • Manufactured in the US
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Technical Background – Dies

Choose from Three Sizing Die styles and Two Seater Die styles. For every rifle caliber you own, we recommend that you have a Full Length Sizing Die and either a Seater Die or an Ultra Micrometer Seater Die.

A superior locking ring with an easy-to-use cross bolt clamps the ring around the entire die, resulting in a more precise mating of the lock ring threads to the die threads, with no misalignment and no thread damage. Bench Rest® Dies are manufactured from the finest quality steel, carefully machined on extremely precise chucking lathes to very tight tolerances.

Dies are sold individually, with the exception of the Bench Rest Die Set of one Full Length Sizing Die and one Seater Die, all packaged in our Deluxe Die Box. All individual components are available separately from Forster Products, unlike other dies that require replacement of the complete unit.

Technical Background – Shell Holders

Co-Ax Shell Holder Jaws are your assurance of perfect alignment. When a case is in the shell holder, it’s supported by spring loaded jaws that contact the base of the cannelure for more positive extraction. The shell holder is also self-acting — the jaws close on the cartridge case when you activate the handle of the press while the cartridge is placed in the die. When the handle is raised, the jaws automatically open and release the case.

“S” (Standard) jaws are factory installed and ready for reloading; optional “LS” (Large/Small) jaws, available separately, accommodate a wide range of very large and small case heads.

When we originally tested our unique shell holder design, we full-length sized 200 once-fired 300 H&H Magnum cases dry and unlubricated. We neither pulled the rims off the cases nor did we stick a case in the die. The heads of the cases and rims were unmarked by the shell holder jaws because the shell holder actually floats and permits the cartridge case to find its exact center in the die. (Don’t try this at home, though! We do suggest that you use lube.)

Shell Holder Adapter Plates are designed for use with those few calibers that the S or LS Shell Holder Jaws do not handle. However, please note that the Shell Holder Adapter Plate does not allow a cartridge to “float,” as with our S and LS Shell Holder Jaws.

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