The Neck Reamer applies to Original, Classic, and Power Case Trimmers. The Forster Neck Reamer is manufactured from high grade, wear-resistant tool steel. The staggered tooth design cuts the brass smoothly without chattering.

Thick case necks can cause high chamber pressures and flyers. The Forster Neck Reamer mounts in the cutter of a Forster Case Trimmer in place of the pilot and removes the excess brass from the neck walls.

Wildcat conversions are so popular with the .224″, .243″, and 264 bullet diameters that Forster Products offers Neck Reamers for these sizes as standard, off-the-shelf products. Use Wildcat Neck Reamers after the sizing operation. (That is, unlike Standard Neck Reamers that are intended for use after the cases have been fired with a full load and before the neck or full-length sizing operation.)

Custom Neck Reamers are also available.

Weight 0.02400 lbs
Bullet Dia.

.224", .243", .264"