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Bench Rest® Sizing Dies

The Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Die brings you an advanced precision level by allowing you to precisely control the amount of bullet tension in your reloaded cartridges. A one-step neck sizing reduction/shoulder bump operation keeps your case necks straighter.

This die improves accuracy and prolongs case life because the body of your case maintains its fire-formed “glove” fit to your rifle’s chamber. At the same time it “bumps” the shoulder of the case to maintain excellent case neck concentricity.

  • Sizes the case neck and shoulder to set headspace and deprimes
  • Prevents overworking of case necks while controlling the amount of neck tension for your bullet seating operation
  • Over 90 available bushings allow case necks to be sized to your exact requirements
  • Versatility allows you to custom size cases to your specifications
Ordering Information

Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Dies are available either individually or in a kit with three pre-selected bushings most likely needed to produce accurate ammunition with proper neck tension.

Bushings are available separately. If you’re making cartridges for a tight chambered rifle, you might need smaller bushings. Alternatively, you might need larger bushings if you are not outside neck turning and are using brass cases with thick neck walls. Most sizes are available in .001″ increments; just order by the inside diameter desired. We’ve included ordering charts and per-caliber selection to ease the ordering.

Partial Neck Sizing

You can adjust the bushing to allow partial case neck sizing, allowing the unsized section to better align the cartridge in the rifle chamber.

Bump the Shoulder without Changing the Case Neck Diameter

By removing the neck bushing, you can use the Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Die to bump just the case shoulder without changing the neck diameter. This action maintains proper headspace in any chamber, custom or factory setting.

Placing Bushing in the Bushing Bump Die at YouTube.com

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