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Co-Ax® Reloading Press Primer Seater AssemblyDownload product-specific catalog information (accompanying PDF format)

The Primer Catcher on our Co-Ax Reloading Press works so well, it brings your reloading out of the basement and into the living room. With our unique system, there’s no more carbon, ground glass, spent or live primers to clutter up the floor or contaminate the working parts of your press.

The seater is always at right angles to the case head. Primers will not flip or tip; they will be seated straight, level and at a uniform distance below the case head. Primers cannot be crushed, nor will they protrude from the case head and cause premature firing.

The Co-Ax Reloading Press’s drop tube, which is threaded into the carrier below the shell holder, directs all spent primers and other residue into a jar below the press. The tube and the jar follow the carrier during the sizing and seating process. Simply remove the jar to empty it.

Priming Cartridges Using the Forster Co-Ax® Press at YouTube.com

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