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Charge Case with PowderDownload product-specific catalog information (accompanying PDF format)

Powder measurement ensures that a uniform charge of propellant powder is dispensed into primed cases. This will create accurate ammunition and help ensure safety.

  1. Research the Type and Amount of Gunpowder (Propellant) – Determine the recommended amount for your load using a “tried and true” reloading manual. Usually the propellant that fills the capacity of the cartridge case and produces the highest velocity is the optimal choice.
  2. Measure the Powder – Powder measures come in many sizes and configurations to hold a precise volume of powder. Always use a powder scale to check powder measurement settings. Powder scales also come in a vast array of styles, both mechanical and electronic.
  3. Fill the Primed Case with Powder – Begin with the lightest charge listed in your reloading manual. Gradually increase the powder charge only after you have determined the initial test load is safe to shoot and does not produce excessive chamber pressure. Best accuracy is generally achieved with a powder charge less than the maximum. Concentrate and focus while filling cases with powder.

You should fine-tune your own process. For example, some folks use the charge and seat method. Cases are charged with gunpowder and then a bullet is immediately seated to complete the cartridge. Develop a pattern that works best for you, and do not deviate. We suggest that you continue to read, learn and understand various methods so that you can find the system that works best for your needs.

Safety - Please follow all pertinent safety procedures such as wearing safety glasses, being in a well-lit and well-ventilated workspace, and having all reloading tools in top working condition and no flames, sparks or static electricity.

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