December 2018

Forster Focus
December 2018

Forster Year-End Bonus

We are running a special offer until Dec. 31 for anyone who orders one or more of the following Bench Rest® sizing dies directly from our website:

Forster Products will send you a Case Neck Graphiter (a $20.50 value) for each die purchased. Order two dies – get two free Case Neck Graphiters, and so on.

Reloading TipReloading Tip

Why is there a “ring” left around my seated bullet?

Forster Products answers many support questions about Seater Die usage, especially with regards to marks, or rings, left on seated bullets. There are a few possible causes, which can be addressed in most cases with improved reloading techniques and, where necessary, custom fitting of the stem. We’ve put together a quick Troubleshooting Guide to help you understand all of the considerations and improve your bullet seating.

Thank you for your trust and making our jobs more joyful!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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