October 2017

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October 2017

Reloading Die ChartsDie Parts Plainly Documented

Since reloading presses generate a tremendous amount of leverage, even the toughest components in the hands of the most experienced reloaders sometimes need replacing.

In many cases, it isn’t necessary to buy a new die or, for sizing dies, a complete decapping unit. Now you can determine which part you need and contact Forster for a less costly replacement. To help you understand these components (and also know which parts you can swap out between dies), we have published complete illustrated charts for every Forster die for each available caliber. The charts contain order numbers from complete assemblies down to pins and washers.

For example, visit the Full Length Sizing Dies page, click the “Resources” tab, and open the document “Caliber Sizing & Replacement Part Compatibility.”

Forster Products' Die Parts

You can find all of the charts at the User Instructions page under “Reloading Dies.” They’re printer-friendly PDF files; but do check back from time to time as we update the charts with new and modified calibers/cartridges.

Primer Tube LoaderComing Soon: Primer Tube Loader

We’re excited to introduce an accessory that every Co‑Ax® Primer Seater owner is sure to want. No more fidgeting to flip over half your primers on the tray.

The Primer Tube Loader is a clever tool for aligning primers anvil-side up with just a few flicks of the wrist. The Loader is designed to mate with the Primer Feed Tube. With a little practice, you can go from the primer box, to Primer Tube Loader, to Primer Feed Tube in as little as eight seconds!

Primer Tube Loaders will be sold through the Forster distribution system within the next 30 days. Watch our website for availability.

Bushing BumpReloading Tip

It’s not always clear which neck sizing die to select. Forster Bench Rest® Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Dies offer some advantages over traditional neck sizers, which have a greater tendency to pull the necks off center. With the Bushing Bump, we have found that the additional support of bumping the shoulder keeps the neck in better alignment to the center line of the case, due to this the extra point of contact.

With over 90 sizes of bushings available, they allow case necks to be sized to your precise requirements.

6mm BRPicked Up at the Range

What is a 6mm BRA?

A new caliber that is a 6mm Dasher with an .082″ shorter body. The neck is also .082″ longer than the 6mm Dasher.

Can we buy these dies from Forster?

Yes, we can modify a 6mm Dasher die for a custom machining fee.

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