April 2018

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April 2018

2017 Reloading ClassHands-on Reloading Workshop

Join your fellow straight shooters and handloaders on August 4–5, at The Site Firearms Training Center in Mt. Carroll, Ill., for a Precision Rifle Reloading Class.

The first day will consist of classroom demonstrations and reloading your match ammunition on new Alpha brass, or your own brass. On day two you will chronograph and test your ammunition on the 600-yd. range, reload your fire-formed cases, then retest for data comparison. The instructors request at least an intermediate level of reloading experience.

Alongside The Site training director Jim Kauber, Forster staff and ProStaff will be on site to present, offer tips, and answer your questions:

  • Dave and Cathy Logosz – master reloaders and gunsmiths
  • Rich Machholz – ballistic technician
  • Scott Kempel, Rod Hartman, Dave Smith, Bob Ruch – Forster Products

Headspace Gages

As Headspace Gages remain in extremely high demand, we’re working hard to increase production while maintaining the quality required to make these precise gages:

  • Manufactured from top-quality, hardened steel and precision ground
  • Ground to an exacting ±0.00015″ headspace tolerance
  • Each thoroughly inspected with NIST-certified measurement tools

Recently, we have invested in more machine tools and training, with the goal of doubling our capacity to produce Headspace Gages. Current customers may also notice a cosmetic and functional improvement: new gages are laser marked to enhance readibility.

Primer Flipper VideoNew How-to Videos

These quick, practical instructional videos (< 1 min.) have been posted online and linked from the product website:

Reloading Tip

How do I determine what diameter to hone my Sizing Die to?

Measure the outside diameter of your loaded rounds and subtract 0.004″.

This “hone-to” dimension will prevent the Die from overworking the brass, while enabling the EZ-Out Expander Ball in the Sizer Die to provide consistent neck tension on the bullet.

Two other variables to consider when choosing the “hone-to” dimension are 1) varying neck wall thickness, and 2) differences in ductility, or spring-back, in different lots or batches of brass.

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