August 2019

Forster Focus
August 2019

Forster Teams up with HendersonForster Teams up with Henderson – Trim Cases at 1500 rpm!

American manufacturer Henderson Precision supports the shooting sports with mounting platforms, accessories, and heavy-duty, high-volume, powered case trimmers.

For the ultimate in case conditioning consistency, Henderson is partnering with Forster Products to build the Tri-Trim Gen 2 Case Trimmer. Tri-Trim utilizes the Forster 3-in-1 Case Mouth Cutter to create clean, repeatable, and completely trimmed cases in one operation. Also in Tri-Trim, the case head is firmly seated in the same Brown & Sharpe-style Collets that you have trusted for years in our manual Original Case Trimmer.

Now Available: Understanding HeadspaceNow Available: Understanding Headspace

Master gunsmith, writer, and instructor Fred Zeglin has written a 52-page work for professionals and hobbyists alike, Understanding Headspace for Firearms. It’s part of his acclaimed “Gunsmithing Student Handbook Series.”

We agree with Fred that headspace is one of the most critical elements of firearm safety and accuracy, and we’re proud to recommend Understanding Headspace and offer it at a discount to Forster customers.

2019 Reloading ClassHands-on Reloading Workshop

Join your fellow straight shooters and handloaders on October 12–13, at The Site Firearms Training Center in Mt. Carroll, Ill., for a Precision Rifle Reloading Class.

The first day will consist of classroom demonstrations and reloading your match ammunition on new Alpha brass, or your own brass. On day two you will chronograph and test your ammunition, reload your fire-formed cases, then retest for data comparison. The instructors request at least an intermediate level of reloading experience.

Alongside The Site training director Jim Kauber, Forster staff and ProStaff will be on site to present, offer tips, and answer your questions:

  • Kelly Bachand – competitive shooter
  • Rich Machholz – ballistic technician
  • Scott Kempel, Rod Hartman, Bob Ruch – Forster Products

Extra OAL Clearance for Measuring Bullet AlignmentExtra OAL Clearance for Measuring Bullet Alignment

Reloaders with longer cartridges were eager to use the Co-Ax® Case and Cartridge Inspector, but it had a limit of 3.50″ on the overall case length (OAL) it could accept.

The latest model is redesigned to allow an extra 0.350″. That means you can now use the Case and Cartridge Inspector to verify the straightness of even a 338 Lapua Mag case with some of the longest bullets.

Community Spotlight: Forster ProductsCommunity Spotlight:
Forster Products

Nearby media stopped by our Lanark, IL, offices to explore the history and quality manufacturing at Forster Products.

The online video offers a great inside factory tour, guided by the leadership team, focusing on the hard work and dedication of generations of Forster employees.

Forster Products

Forster Products

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