May 2019

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May 2019

Introducing: Custom-polished Seating StemsIntroducing: Custom-polished Seating Stems

Forster Products Seater Dies are engineered to accommodate as many bullet types as possible with a single seating stem. However, with the great diversity of bullet profiles and materials manufactured nowadays, some reloaders are concerned about marks left on certain seated bullets.

We have recently launched a new service to polish a Bench Rest® Seater Die or Ultra™ Micrometer Seater Die seating stem for a specific bullet. Download and complete the order form, and mail it to Forster Products along with four bullets and three cartridge cases ready to seat (not primed). For pricing and more information, see Custom Machining Services » Custom Polished Seating Stems.

Coming Soon: 6.5 PRC DiesComing Soon: 6.5 PRC Dies

For those who accept no substitute for Forster Products Bench Rest Reloading Dies, we are pleased to announce that dies for popular 6.5 PRC cartridges are currently on the machine!

Beginning July 2019, we will be accepting orders for Full Length Sizing Dies, Bench Rest Seater Dies, and Ultra Micrometer Seater Dies in this caliber. Check back soon after July for the availability of 6.5 PRC Bushing Bump Neck Sizing Dies.

Exclusive to Forster Focus readers: Upon the successful launch of these dies, we will be rolling out 300 PRC reloading dies. Stay tuned.

Gregory and Jake Mueller (l. to r.)Hidden Treasure

Greg Mueller from Wisc. contacted us earlier this year with a story about a strange inheritance [ed., we’ll just let him tell it]:

As a young man, my father Jake would reload with his father, who had an extensive collection of equipment. In 1970, grandfather’s tools were all packed up.

A few weeks ago my father came across a bunch of greasy, dusty, and heavy wooden crates. To our surprise, we found all his equipment: presses, dies, bullet molds, lead, primers, cases, and so many cool things that my dad was almost in tears. I set about cleaning what was salvageable and displayed the rest above my reloading bench.

One of the items in the crate was a Forster Brothers Case Trimmer, which still had the potential to be more than a museum piece! Everything cleaned up nicely and is smooth as silk, but the blade on the cutting tool is dull, and I’d either like to get it sharpened or get a replacement.

Thanks for making such a great product. I can’t even tell you how much it means that I am using something my grandfather used – and even cooler, that after I size, trim, prime, charge and seat a bullet, I’ll be shooting out of a firearm that he used as a young man.

We were glad to hear it and enjoyed meeting Greg and Jake when they drove three hours to our Lanark, Ill., facility in March.

FYI: For anyone else who has been using a Case Trimmer for more than a generation or two, it’s best to keep the original parts intact. We offer a low-cost service to sharpen the Cutter Shaft, which you can simply mail to us.

Outside Neck Turner Cam Follower InsertionNew How-to Videos

Several new short instructional videos have been posted online and linked from the product website, including:

We encourage your feedback and suggestions for new topics.

2018 Reloading ClassHands-on Reloading Workshop

Join your fellow straight shooters and handloaders on June 29–30, at The Site Firearms Training Center in Mt. Carroll, Ill., for a Precision Rifle Reloading Class.

The first day will consist of classroom demonstrations and reloading your match ammunition on new Alpha brass, or your own brass. On day two you will chronograph and test your ammunition on the 600-yd. range, reload your fire-formed cases, then retest for data comparison. The instructors request at least an intermediate level of reloading experience.

Alongside The Site training director Jim Kauber, Forster staff and ProStaff will be on site to present, offer tips, and answer your questions:

  • Dave and Cathy Logosz – master reloaders and gunsmiths
  • Rich Machholz – ballistic technician
  • Scott Kempel, Rod Hartman, Dave Smith, Bob Ruch – Forster Products

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