November 2019

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November 2019

Shell Holder Jaw Housing ImprovementsShell Holder Jaw Housing for Co‑Ax® Press, Now “Beefed Up”

Over the last six months, we have made a running change to improve the Shell Holder Jaw Housing (028271-037) for the Co-Ax Press. The new construction addresses rare instances where the jaw housing bent after an incorrectly prepped case* got stuck in a sizing die.

The original housing was 1.25″ wide, while the new housing is 1.375″ wide. We also removed the half-moon clearance for the obsolete jaw-centering screw to add even more material. The old housing was a steel casting, and now the current housing is machined out of steel.

* We do not recommend aerosol spray or water-based case lubricants.

Now Available: 6.5 PRC DiesComplete Contingent of Reloading Dies for 6.5 PRC

As promised, we are now producing every model of our top-of-the-line Bench Rest® Reloading Dies for the popular 6.5 PRC cartridge.

The easiest way to find all compatible reloading and gunsmithing tools is via the Cartridge & Caliber Search on our website.

Ultimate ReloaderHow-to: Neck Sizing with the Forster Bushing Bump Die

Knower and teacher of all reloading topics, Gavin Gear, is back to review and demonstrate a couple new and classic Forster products.

In the first video, Gavin explores the advantages of using Quick-change Jaws for Co-Ax® Press, to save time and frustration when switching between dies of different calibers.

Then, he does a great job of explaining the benefits of the Datum Dial™ Ammunition Measurement System and how to use it to make your handloaded cartridges even more precise.

Forster Products: Tooling Around with Precision Focus“Tooling Around,” an Up-close Look at Forster Products

Frank Melloni at American Rifleman recently published an engaging, illustrated – behind-the-scenes and candid – article, “Forster Products: Tooling Around with Precision Focus.”

We only hope to continue to live up to Frank’s kind words:

Usually customer service isn’t my first talking point when writing about a manufacturer, but in this case it’s very important to understand the folks behind this company in order to appreciate the level of care that goes into ensuring things aren’t just good, but absolutely perfect.

Neck ReamersReloading Tip

I notice a lot of online discussion about reaming the inside of case necks? Is it really necessary?

Given the increase in usage of bushing dies, we are seeing more instances of cartridge cases that don’t get fully resized on the inside of the necks. Subsequently over the course of several reloadings, brass can begin to flow and congregate inside the case at the neck/shoulder junction and form what is commonly called a “donut.” This donut can affect your neck tension, bullet release, and uniformity of pressures. Reaming a fired case with a Forster Neck Reamer is an ideal way to remove this accumulation of brass.

The Neck Reamer removes excess brass from the inside case neck wall, as well as the dreaded donut of material that can accumulate after repeated firings. Use before case sizing.

Forster Products

Forster Products

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