January 2020

Forster Focus
January 2020

Lara SpanicOur Secret Weapon:
Forster ProStaff

ProStaff is a special advisory panel of world-class shooters, reloaders, and gunsmiths who provide input to help us improve upon and develop the products that you need for the sport you love.

We applaud their accomplishments, and they have proven to be incomparable educators and ambassadors at competitions, workshops, and tradeshows.

Our newest ProStaff member, Lara Spanic from Wisconsin, is one to keep your eye on, as she inspires a younger generation of precision shooters and their fans.

Forster Products Case Conditioning SystemSuperior Case Conditioning: Plan Ahead with the Kit Option

Both the Original and Classic Case Trimmers are available as part of a time- and money-saving Case Trimmer Kit package that includes selected Collets and Pilots intended to cover all of your reloading needs.

  • Original Case Trimmer Kit – Trims most standard calibers from 17 cal (.171″) to 460 cal (.459″)

    • Includes three Collets: #1, #2, #3
    • Includes seven Pilots: #22, #24, #25, #26, #27, #28, #30
  • Classic Case Trimmer Kit – Trims larger calibers and classic black powder calibers, such as 45-100, 50 AE, and 50-70 Gov

    • Includes three Collets: #5, #6, #7
    • Includes three Pilots: #458, #505, #510

To determine the compatible Case Trimmer, Collet, and Pilot, use our Cartridge & Caliber Search.

Co-Ax PressQuestions from the Field

Q. I’ve heard so much about the accuracy of your Co-Ax® Reloading Press. What does the “Co-Ax” mean?

A. “Co-Ax” is short for common axis. Our reloading press uses a system in which the shell holder floats with the die. This unique feature permits the cartridge case to find a common axis (true alignment) with the die and bullet.

Co-Ax Press Infographic

Forster Products

Forster Products

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