July 2020

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July 2020

Forster Products gunsmithing toolsThe art of gunsmithing

Skilled gunsmiths have a solid understanding of gun design and the mechanics that make them function. Proficiency in this craft requires the patience to perform both simple and complex tasks. Novice and experienced gunsmiths alike find there are always opportunities to learn more.

Gunsmithing can be learned in various ways, as there are a number of specialty schools* that offer on-site and remote learning opportunities, such as:

To support gunsmiths at all levels, Forster Products manufactures a number of high quality gunsmithing products, including our Universal Sight Mounting Fixture, Headspace Gages, Screwdrivers and Screws, and more.

“To be good, aspiring students of gunsmithing need patience, curiosity, and the willingness to constantly study the subject.”

Reid Coffield,
gunsmith and reloader


*We do not endorse one school over another, but encourage you to investigate those that best match your schedule.

Forster Products seater diesIntroducing 300 PRC reloading dies

We are excited to announce that 300 PRC Reloading Dies have been added to our highly regarded line of reloading tools. New additions include:

Most reloaders begin their Bench Rest Dies collection with the Full Length Sizing Die to size the case neck, the body, and the shoulder to produce ammunition that is very concentric. The Seater Dies hold the bullet, case, and seating stem in perfect alignment when the bullet is seated.

Ordering components and parts

If you need a replacement component/part for one of our products or want to swap out parts between dies, we have many of our replacement parts listed on our Components and Parts Price List page.  Some component parts are not available for purchase online but can be ordered by contacting us directly.

For specifics on part numbers, the User Instructions can often be used to identify the exact part needed for individual products as many instructions will have detailed drawings that specify replaceable parts.

Original and Classic Case Trimmer (example from our User Instructions)

Forster Products Original and Classic Case Trimmer drawing

Forster Products

Forster Products

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